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Glasgården Henne Kirkeby

Welcome to Glasgården Henne Kirkeby, where creativity and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Our charming 19th-century village school houses a wide selection of handmade glass figurines, beautiful dishes, quirky objects and fun quote signs. Visit our shop and open workshop and discover the inspiring world of glass art.

At Glasgården Henne Kirkeby we design and produce handmade glass art in our own workshop. Each piece of glass art is unique and no two pieces are alike. We use kiln-formed glass, which is fired for approximately 24 hours in one of our five kilns. Our assortment ranges from dishes and candle holders to flowers, birds, bees, pendants and funny quote signs. We are constantly producing new items, so our shop always offers a wide selection of beautiful figurines in beautiful colours.

Visit our cosy workshop shop, where all the glass is arranged in the colours of the rainbow. Here you'll immediately feel the sense of history with sloping ceilings, crooked doors and the old stove from the school days. Adjacent to the shop you'll find the workshop itself, the heart of Glasgården, where creativity flourishes and new ideas are born.

Glasgården Henne Kirkeby is much more than a workshop and a shop. It is an experience where you can explore the exciting world of glass art and enjoy the cosy atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our handmade glass art with you.

Come and experience Glasgården - a place where creativity and craftsmanship meet.

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