Glashuset - Vange Glas

Photo: Lønstrup Turistbureau
Glashuset in Lønstrup is the city's first glass paving and offers both glass for daily use, but also unique glass.

Strandvejen 68

9800 Hjørring


Téléphone:+45 9896 0655

Mobile:+45 2218 7803

Glashuset in Lønstrup is an experimental workshop where, in addition to utility items, work takes place on sculptural one-off items and moulded glass. Glashuset is a base for testing the many facets of glass. See at close quarters how the fascinating glass is worked at Glashuset, from the glass-blower’s production to the finished work of art.

Glashuset has for more than 25 years been the setting for play and development of glass-blowing in Lønstrup. In the large open workshop you can follow the glassblowers work with liquid glass that finds its form. A family business run by glassblower Leif Vange, his wife Anette and son Anders Vange. 


Strandvejen 68

9800 Hjørring


Glass art

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