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Lena Ljungar and Jesper Sødring started GLASMAGERNE in 1979 on the lovely island of Tåsinge. With a view of the water and the forest, as well as the herbs in the backyard.

The very nature and their surroundings are part of their inspiration when they blow glass. Both artists freehand blow and craft all glass. The way they work with the glass is just as important to them as the product itself, and they are committed to preserving the old craftsmanship.

The predominant part of their production consists of all kinds of utility glass, everyday glasses that are good to drink from, delightful to hold in hand, and beautiful to look at. They use various techniques they have developed over the years. Sandblasting and engraving are methods they use for decoration or to emphasize form. Glass casting and the old and exciting gral technique are also part of their design language. The two artists have their own expressive forms but have a close collaboration. This also applies to the unique part, where they have very different expressions but a rewarding collaboration.

Glass continues to amaze and challenge them, and for Lena and Jesper, it is still as inspiring as when they took their first beginning!

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