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Glass workshop Yerst Glas in Silkeborg

Yerst Glas is a shop and glass workshop in Silkeborg, where you can buy glass art and watch it being created. Meet glassblower Mikkel Yerst and experience how he transforms age-old traditions into modern art.

Unique glass art and crafts

The glass workshop is located in the old smithy premises, creating the perfect atmosphere for glassblowing. Here you can find everything from vases, dishes and bowls to figurines, unique pieces, oil lamps and paperweights. In the back room, you can discover rare finds in crafts from both Denmark and France that you won't find anywhere else.

Come and experience the impressive craftsmanship at Yerst Glas in Silkeborg. Here you can find unique pieces of glass art and special artefact finds that will adorn any home.

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