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Golden Harald's Hill

A little to the north of Hals, you will find Winther’s Plantation. Here rests a bit of Danish history. The Vikings fought for the power over Denmark and Norway, and a bloody battle was fought nearby.


The famouse and infamous king, Harald Bluetooth, had a potential rival to this power over the north in his nephew Harald Knutsson – known as Golden Harald. However, cunning King Bluetooth promised Norway to Golden Harald in exchange for the murder of Harald Greycloak, another nephew. Golden Harald killed Greycloak near Hals.

A bittersweet victory

Golden Harald’s victory was exceedingly short. Soon, the Norwegian Haakon Sigurdsson arrived to the stage, where he caught and hanged Golden Harald in a conspiracy with Harald’s own uncle, Bluetooth. Today, the final resting place of Golden Harald is hard to find, a mercilessly fitting end for such a man's tale.

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