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GoMonkey Odense (Climbing Park)

At GoMonkey we love climbing, butterflies in the stomach, plunging, long ropeways, bouncing, playing - and running wild. You can do all this at GoMonkey - and in the beautiful surroundings and up in the trees to boot.

Visiting a climbing park is a great way to explore your local forest. It's also a great way to explore your senses! Most of us have probably experienced a point where the brain says, this far and no longer! But, it is a great experience to break the boundary, find the tallest tree in the forest and climb to the top. However, we have courses and challenges for all levels. So you always have the opportunity to start your day quietly and slowly build courage - and who knows? - maybe when the day is over, you will find yourself 15 meters up in the air and ready for your first free fall.

Our philosophy at GoMonkey is that nature should also have a good time. We make a living from healthy trees, and we build our attractions with this in mind. The trees cannot be unduly stressed, and therefore we always build/renovate with piercing. A piercing makes the wood suffer as little damage as possible. Specifically, the cambium (which lies under the bark - and is where nutrients are "absorbed" into the tree) will not suffer damage, and this ensures that the trees are healthy and sound for many, many years to come.

From 01.12 - 01.02, it is open by appointment.

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