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Gooodis Ice Cream Shop

Visit GOOODIS - A Unique Ice Cream Shop in the Heart of Odense

The shop prepares their ice cream from scratch, inspired by Italian artisanal recipes and using the best ingredients. Whether you prefer creamy dairy ice cream or fresh, vegan sorbets, you will experience a culinary taste sensation.

GOOODIS is known for their innovative flavor combinations, such as goat cheese with thyme and honey, vegan guacamole ice cream, and even ice cream made with local beers from Odense Classic. The shop's skilled chefs have carefully developed each recipe, ensuring a unique taste experience using fresh, local ingredients.

For example, the pistachio ice cream is made with real, perfectly roasted pistachios and a touch of Himalayan salt, while the strawberry ice cream is only available in season and made from fresh strawberries from Funen. The dairy ice cream is produced from fresh milk from a local farmer in Funen, which is pasteurized in the shop. This meticulous process ensures a quality and flavor that is hard to find elsewhere.

Visit GOOODIS in Odense and experience their creative and handcrafted ice cream, where taste and quality are at the forefront.

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