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Gosmer Church

Because of its impressive size, this church is sometimes also referred to as the "Cathedral" of the Hads Herred region. It is particularly interesting because of the excellent standards of its Romanesque stone-carvings.

The Tympanum above the south door features a distinctive motif of a woman with long plaited hair, breast-feeding two lions. The woman can be seen as representing the church, whilst the lions symbolise the faithful receiving religious sustenance from the church. Also of interest is the font decorated with lions in relief.

The Baroque altarpiece, dated 1637, features modern oil paintings from 1960. These are the work of Svend Havsteen-Mikkelsen, who also made the stained glass-windows in the porch. The burial chapel for the owners of the Rathlousdal and Gersdorffslund estates is also worthy of note.

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