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GOURMENSCH Outdoor Teamcooking

GOURMENSCH on Djursland offers outdoor team cooking courses for companies - tailored for groups of 12 to over 200+ people, all year round.

Under the expert guidance of their experienced instructors, you'll have the opportunity to prepare an exclusive 3-8 course gourmet menu over a campfire, using the freshest seasonal ingredients.

An extraordinary culinary experience

GOURMENSCH is dedicated to creating unique immersive experiences where they not only explore new flavours and techniques, but also create space for contemplation. After a hectic and busy day, there's nothing like unplugging and stepping out into beautiful nature to cook delicious food over a fire with good people and colleagues. This experience brings peace, intimacy and togetherness and is a truly magical culinary journey.

Expertise and a focus on community

With years of expertise, GOURMENSCH has established itself as one of the leading brands in organising Outdoor Teamcooking courses and Outdoor Fine Dining events.

GOURMENSCH Outdoor Teamcooking is more than just a meal - it's a deeply connecting experience that lets you lose yourself in the rhythm of nature and each other's company. It's where time seems to stand still and you can capture the true presence of the present moment while being enchanted by the flavours and aromas around us. Together, you'll slow down, embrace this unique journey and be inspired by the diversity of nature, where every bite is a celebration of community and gastronomic magic.

GOURMENSCH's Outdoor Teamcooking courses can be customised to your company's needs and wishes. Contact them with your enquiry and together you can create a tailor-made solution that suits you perfectly.

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