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Grasshopper Bridge

Karrebæksminde Bridge, which is called the Grasshopper Bridge. Is a characteristic green folding bridge that connects Karrebæksminde and Enø. The bridge weighs 200 tons, and consists of 14.8 tons of old horseshoes and 5 tons of axle steel.

The bridge was inaugurated in 1936 and had back then a grey colour. At the 50th anniversary the bridge was renovated by Karrebæk / Karrebæksminde Erhvervsforening, in collaboration with the artist Tonny Hofmann, who is tasked with decorating the bridge as a grasshopper. On July 16, 1988, the bridge was named the Grasshopper Bridge, and at the same time, 60 grasshoppers were released.

In 2005, the bridge is decorated by Lizette Rosager who gives the grasshopper its characteristic face, which consists of approx. 1000 kg. Copper.

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