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Gulddalslund Plantation

Gulddalslund Plantation by Skovlund is what we call a local gem, i.e., a place designated by locals as something very special. Information about local gems is often sparse. They are local. They are gems. Recommended by others. They need to be discovered and, not least, experienced.

That is also the case at Gulddalslund Plantation, which is located 4 km north of Skovlund. Enjoy your coffee or a sandwich at Børge’s sø, where you will also find a large, inviting fire hut with space for 16 people.

The forest is rich in wildlife, so you can get up close to nature as you walk along the six kilometre trail winding around the young plantation.

Gulddalslund Plantation adjoins the listed Ålling Lake. Ålling Lake is private, but you can walk around it on the established path, which is just under two kilometres long. There you will find rich bird life, which can be seen from a bird tower on the east side of the lake. From September to January, you may even be fortunate enough to see the 'sort sol' as flocks of blackbirds maneuver in fantyastic murmurations to settle in for the night.

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