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At HamletScenen in Elsinore, you can experience love comedies, family intrigue and revenge tragedies as the talented artists unfold Shakespeare's world-famous and powerful works.

HamletScenen is located in Elsinore's old garrison, commonly known as Kronværksbyen. Here you can stroll around and visit HamletScenen's many exciting neighbors, or you can explore the beautiful natural surroundings and enjoy a picnic with a view of the Sound before leaning back in the dark and the spotlight turns on.

Since 2008, HamletScenen has carried on the legacy of the world's oldest Shakespearean theater tradition, founded in 1816 at Hamlet's own castle, Kronborg. With Kronborg as a backdrop, you step not only into the drama, but directly into history.

In August, HamletScenen presents the annual Elsinore Shakespeare Festival. The open-air festival is a celebration of William Shakespeare's writing, where you can see performers and theater companies from all over the world unfold Shakespeare's timeless themes You can read more about the Shakespeare Festival here.

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