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Han Herred Havbåde

Visit the exhibition in the boat house, and follow the restoration and new construction of the gian boats, which is carried out by professional boat builders and associated apprentices at the boatyard.

Living coastculture along Jammerbugten

Enthusiasts in the association Han Herred Havbåde (gian boats) have created a coast cultural center and a modern boat building at Slettestrand. They are working to prevent that Denmark’s last great coastal landing sites and associated clinker-built gian boats disappear.

Four old gian boats from the period 1900 – 1960’ies have been saved from demolition, and they are now being used from Slettestrand of association members. Visitors can follow the restoration and the new construction of the boats, which are made by professional boat builders and related apprentices at the boatyard.

Its members use the boats for cruising, leisure and fishing, diving and teaching. The project ensures and developing boatbuilding art and navigation art to the benefit of the anglers. The boat constructions functions as a conventional business and services include the fishing fleet at Thorup Strand.

It is possible to see the exhibition about the project in the boathouse and watch the boatyard.


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