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Hanne Boel at GENERATOR

Experience Hanne Boel at the Generator venue!

When Hanne Boel plays concerts with her trio in the fall of 2024, as tradition dictates, she'll be joined by guitarists Jacob Funch and Jens Runge. This time, they'll have a brand new album in their backpacks.

On January 26, Hanne Boel's 22nd album 'Norwegian Recordings' was released - not quite a traditional album, according to Hanne herself. After a recent tour in Norway with the trio, they decided to let the concert recordings form the basis for the upcoming album. "Less is more" was the mantra during the polishing of the material, so only small additions have been made to the recordings to support the impressive vocal performances.

Event time: Thursday the 14th of November at 20.00, doors open at 19:00

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