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The Harbour Bath in Sønderborg

Sønderborg's new MUST TRY awaits you and invites you to take a dip in Als Sund.

The Harbour Bath is a gift to the town of Sønderborg in celebration of the 50th anniversary in 2021 of the foundation Bitten and Mads Clausens Fond.

Sønderborg Harbour Bath features 3 pools, a sun deck, changing facilities, as well as a sauna and can accommodate up to 250 bathers at a time.

The main pool and diving pool are both open to the harbour bottom, while the children's pool has a solid bottom and a water depth of 30 cm.

The pools are surrounded by nets, which keep porpoises and larger fish out of the facility but allow fresh water flow from sound Als Sund. In addition, there is a fence above to prevent guests from falling into the harbour.

The Harbour Bath is open year-round, every day from 05:00 to 18:00.

During the summer period from 1 June to 31 August, admission is free.

During the winter season, a day pass can be purchased for DKK 40, which also provides access to the heated sauna. If the harbour bath is used more than 14 times, it is really worthwhile to invest in an annual pass for DKK 550.

Enquiries to Sønderborg Havnebad should be made via their contact form in one of the following categories:
Spørgsmål = Question / Forespørgsel = Enquiry / Fejl = Error.

Parking: The Harbour's parking house, Nr. Havnegade 42 in Sønderborg, or at Verdens Ende.

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