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Harders Konsulatet

The Harders Consulate is the cultural bar and café of the Harders venue, which since May 2021 has served as the place where everything from words, poetry, sound, art, and music has been able to unfold.

At the Consulate, you can experience open jams, spoken word, intimate concerts, lectures, dance parties, and much more. The Consulate is a new area at Harders, and in the future, it will become Svendborg's diverse cultural bar, where music, art, and culture converge.

In addition to the wide range of diverse and cultural events, Harders Consulate naturally has a bar that complements all our content with freshly tapped draught beers from Sweden, craft beers from Hamburg, and a special beer board that encompasses all flavor profiles.

Harders Consulate is part of the Harders venue and often stays open before and after concerts at the venue, but besides that, they also have some regular events throughout the month.

Regular events at Harders Consulate:

Jazz Jam

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Local jazz musicians gather and play jazz; each time, a constellation of musicians comes together to provide a small 'concert,' followed by an open stage where anyone who wishes can contribute.

Ond Onsdag (Evil Wednesday)

The first Wednesday of every month. 19:30 - 24:00

Svendborg's Heavy Metal community. Do you also miss drinking a handful of beers while listening to hardcore metal music? This is the event for you! Metal DJs and the heaviest quiz. Come and hang out!

Thursday Hip-hop

The first Thursday of every month. 19:00 - 24:00

Creative Context contributes significantly to hip-hop at the Consulate. They have had their own concert evenings, hosted graffiti and DJ workshops for people of all ages. They also organize pre- and after-parties in connection with genre-specific concerts.

Knit and Drink

Every other Wednesday 16:00-19:30 (even weeks)

The Consulate is open to all, whether new or experienced knitters, fast or slow. If you crochet or embroider, you are also more than welcome to come and inspire or be inspired. Don't worry if you've never knitted before! We have allied ourselves with experienced knitters who can help you get started. There is a knitting café every other Wednesday, always free entry and a bar stocked with various drinks. You bring your knitting and good mood - and for new knitters, there is the opportunity to borrow equipment and receive good guidance to start your new yarn hobby. We look forward to seeing you at Knit & Drink at the Consulate!

Library Listening Club

Do you also love sharing music experiences with others and hearing the stories behind the music? Then join us for an evening where the music librarian spins records and music stories at your local venue. Within different musical themes, we play and talk about music, inspired by the concerts currently playing at Harders.

Afternoon Reading and Evening Poetry

Last Monday of every month

Afternoon reading and evening poetry for young people (up to 35 years old) in Svendborg. Here we will create a space for shared immersion through literature with presence, slowness, and togetherness through collective reading. Come and be part of a reading community as we read contemporary Danish fiction through a mix of reading aloud and conversation. For those who wish, there will be an opportunity to share their own texts, poems, or poetry afterward.

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