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The Health Mission - PaleoPower

The Health Mission is the place on Fanø, where you can get relaxation and recovery with a nice relaxing massage, e.g. with hot stone.

By The Healthmission you get help for various injuries or problems, such as tense muscles, neck pain, sciatica problems, tendonitis inflammation, headaches, back pain, etc.

You can also get help with your health, e.g. guidance for intestinal problems, eczema and other disorders, get vitamin and mineral guidance and dietary guidance. There is also an infrared sauna, cold water therapy and other options for biohacking.


PaleoPower is located on Fanø, where you can learn yoga, relaxation, Chi-Flow, functional training and cross fitness. Inside or outside, e.g., on the beach. And Stand Up Paddle. Private lessons or small teams.


Get your hair done for your destination wedding, beach wedding or party. Regular haircuts are of course also an option, often without waiting.


In Sundhedsmissionen you can also acquire healthy reading material for your holiday on Fanø. Among other things, there is a book series about eating well. Volume 1 PaleoPower, 2013. Volume 2 URteKOST, 2017. Volume 3 THE NATURAL PATH TO LIVING, 2023. Volume 4 will be released in 2024. Only in Danish so far.
In addition, there are books about Fanø: What the Drag Coffin Stores and What Fanø Hides, as well as Food and People. Ind Danish and German language.


The PaleoPower health mission also has a small shop with local products such as the local flag, posters, books, etc. as well as vitamins and other health products.


Stinne Berg can also be booked for various events. For example:

  • Family Yoga for the family party.
  • Workout on the beach.
  • Massage of bride/groom for bachelor party.
  • Yoga or Chi-Flow for the company party.
  • Beer Yoga for the company party.
  • Massage for a corporate event.
  • Stand Up Paddle course.
  • (Decent) Fan Econestrip.
  • Author events.
  • Health lectures.
  • Workshops on health.
  • City walk about Fanø's history.

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