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Helicopter flight above Langeland

Experience Langeland's beautiful landscape from the air with SkyCopter from Bagenkop

A helicopter tour over Langeland offers a unique opportunity to soar over the island's many sights and experience the impressive views that only a helicopter ride can offer.

Unique Experiences

Every other week you have the chance to experience Langeland's landmarks and hidden gems from the air. From the characteristic hat hills to the wild horses at Gulstav and the spectacular coastline, the helicopter tour gives you an unforgettable experience of the island's nature and culture.

Online booking

SkyCopter is a helicopter company that offers sightseeing flights in most of Denmark and is based in Vamdrup at Kolding Airport. Via the website www.helikoptergavekort.dk you can make online bookings or buy gift vouchers for helicopter flights.

On the page, select "KØB FLYVNING ELLER GAVEKORT". Then click on "BOOK FLYVNING". Once you've got this far, you have the option to choose the language: Danish, English or German.

Next, select the city or region, then it appears so you can select the number of people and the length of the trip. From here, you then select the date and time of the flight.

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