Helleristninger ved li. Strandbygård

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Prehistoric monuments

Sdr. Landevej 17

3720 Aakirkeby



Lille Strandbygaard.

The group of rock engravings at Ll. Strandbygaard is the largest in the south of Bornholm.

The engravings were discovered in 1878. In the area around Ll. Strandbygaard several engraved stones eith cup marks have been found.

They and a number of barrows form the Bronze Age (1800-500 B.C.) were removed in the course of time.

Turn off Søndre Landevej at Ll. Strandbygård Farm.

Parking next to the farm., signs show the way to the rock engravings.
Foto Finn Hansen

Sdr. Landevej 17

3720 Aakirkeby

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