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Hesnæs Harbour Dining Hall & Pastry Shop

Enjoy your breakfast, the beautiful pastries, a light lunch with homemade bread or a cold beer in the harbour.

Far out on the north-east coast of Falster lies the idyllic fishing village of Hesnæs with its small harbour and good beach. It used to be just a place for locals to go, but that's no longer the case.

The harbour has become a gathering point for locals, tourists and nature lovers. They come from near and far to visit the old net house in the middle of the harbour. Anglers, cyclists, runners, hikers, dog owners and many others love the area, the beautiful thatched houses, the green forest and not least the good food and cosy atmosphere.

In the Dining Hall - in the fishermen's old net house - you can enjoy light meals, sourdough bread, sandwiches, hand sandwiches, coffee, tea and pastries.

There is also a small grocery store with the most important ingredients and more. Here the world stands still for a moment as the waves crash against the quayside.

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