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Hike - Nature trail on the Bird Island in Thorsminde

At the end of Havnevej on Gammel Havn in the coastal town of Thorsminde by the North Sea, you will find a 3 km hiking trail.

Here is also a bird tower, from which there is a good view of the Nature Park Nissum Fjord.


Local tale...

The gillnet poles are left to dry along the fjord

It could look like the base of a Danish midsummer bonfire or the skeleton of a tipi. But the cone-shaped assemblages of poles along the water edge on the island Fugleøen are a completely different story. 

It is the fishermen’s gillnet poles that stand there to dry. The poles may only be in the water when they are being used – and that is not all year round. Therefore, they have to be on land, where they stand in cone-shaped formations to prevent them being damaged by lying in the grass. 

If you get very close, you can also tell from the initials who they belong to. Nowadays, a part of them is not in use but there were once so many fishermen, that they gathered once a year to divide the fishing grounds into lots.

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