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Hiking: From Frederikshavn to Skagen in 3 days - 41 km

This hike of about 41 km moves from the coastal town of Frederikshavn to the top of Denmark, Skagen. The route starts and ends along the coast, where you walk along the beach with a beautiful view out over the sea. Midway, the route moves inland, through forests and open landscapes. This route is particularly good if you want to combine it with cultural experiences before and after the hike in Frederikshavn and Skagen.

Length: 41 km
Days: 3 (2 days of hiking)
Route: North Sea Trail
Stops on the route: Frederikshavn, Ålbæk, Skagen
Transport to and from: You can take public transport from Aalborg to Frederikshavn. At the endpoint in Skagen, it's possible to take a train back to Frederikshavn or directly to Aalborg.

Day 1 - Arrival day in Frederikshavn
On the first day, there's an opportunity to experience the coastal town of Frederikshavn, which has its own unique atmosphere thanks to its maritime history, idyllic location, and raw aesthetic. If you head towards Pikkerbakkerne, you can enjoy the best view of Frederikshavn from the unique platform.

Suggestions for accommodation in Frederikshavn
Explore Frederikshavn
Enjoy the view from Pikkerbakkerne

Day 2 - Frederikshavn to Ålbæk (approx. 21 km)
The first day of hiking begins with a short stretch along the coast, with the opportunity to take a dip in the water. Then the route moves inland through a Natura 2000 area, open landscapes, and forests.

Suggestion for accommodation in Ålbæk
Explore Ålbæk

Day 3 - Ålbæk to Skagen (approx. 20 km)
Having experienced the lovely landscape with forests and fields, a significant part of this day's hike will be along the coast and sandy terrain with a view out over the sea. Before reaching the endpoint in Skagen, there's an opportunity for a short swim from the coast. Part of the route between Ålbæk and Skagen is a Natura 2000 area. Upon arrival in Skagen, you have the option to take public transport back to Frederikshavn or onward to, for example, Aalborg.

Suggestions for accommodation in Skagen
Explore Skagen

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