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Hiking: From Hals towards north, west, and south - 41 km

A hiking trip for those who prefer a fixed base. From Hals, situated by the sea and fjord, there are opportunities for hikes towards the north, west, and south. Here, you'll experience hikes along the beautiful coast, unique marshlands, and a short ferry ride across the Limfjord.

Days: 4 (3 days of hiking)
Route: North Sea Trail and Hals Mose
Transport to and from: You can take a bus from Aalborg to Hals.

Day 1: Arrival in Hals
On the first day, you have the opportunity to explore the charming little harbor town of Hals. Here, you can see the large whale jawbone arching over one of the town's streets, or wander among the small fishing houses, where you'll find the street "Lille Jomfru Ane Gade".

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Experience Hals

Day 2: Towards the north, North Sea Trail to Hou and back (approx. 15 km)
This hike is from Hals to Hou and back. The route follows the North Sea Trail, and you'll experience the beautiful transition from forest to beach. When you arrive in Hou, you can take a break before heading back to Hals. In Hou, you can enjoy an ice cream or lunch, perhaps with a view of Hou's beautiful natural harbor. If you wish to extend your hike, you can continue northward along the North Sea Trail.

Experience Hou

Day 3: Towards the west, around Hals Mose (choose between 5, 10, or 12.5 km)
On your hike in Hals Mose, you'll experience a truly unique nature, including swamp birch forests and the scent of a wet and humid forest floor. On this route, you can choose whether to walk 5, 10, or 12.5 km. The routes form a loop and therefore end at the starting point. If you want to extend your hike, the shorter route can be combined with the longer one.

Hals Mose

Day 4: Towards the south, North Sea Trail to Dokkedal and back (approx. 14 km)
This hike begins with a beautiful journey over the Limfjord, a 5-minute trip on the Hals/Egense ferry. From the quay in Egense, today's hike starts towards Dokkedal and back. Here, you'll hike in a Natura 2000 area, along the coast, and through a beautiful open landscape. If you want to extend your hike, you can continue southward along the North Sea Trail.

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