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Hiking: From Skagen to Sæby in 4 days - 56 km

On this beautiful hike of approximately 56 km along the North Sea Trail, you'll journey from Skagen down towards charming Sæby. During the hike, you'll experience walking along the beach, through forests, and in open landscapes. Along the route, it's possible to find accommodations in the towns where the route makes stops.

Length: 56 km
Days: 4 (3 days of hiking)
Route: North Sea Trail
Stops on the route: Skagen, Hulsig, Strandby, Sæby
Transport to and from: You can take public transport from Aalborg to Skagen. At the endpoint in Sæby, it's possible to take a bus back to Skagen or directly to Aalborg.

Day 1 - Arrival day, Skagen
On the arrival day, there's an opportunity to go out and experience Skagen's iconic sights and unique nature. For example, you can take a trip to Grenen, where Skagerrak and Kattegat meet, and the waves collide with each other. Additionally, there are many good dining options in Skagen - and if you want a greener experience, you can look for a place with the Organic Dining Label.

Suggestions for accommodation in Skagen
Experience Skagen

Day 2 - Skagen to Hulsig (approx. 12 km)
The first day of hiking doesn't offer many kilometers but presents a challenging terrain. Most of the route is along the beach, where you can take a swim. A large part of this day's stretch is a Natura 2000 area, meaning it's an area focused on preserving and protecting rare, threatened, or characteristic species of nature, animals, and plants.

Suggestion for accommodation in Hulsig

Day 3 - Hulsig to Strandby (approx. 23 km)
This day's hike offers nature experiences inland. Here, you'll walk through forests, open landscapes, a cozy cottage area, Hvideklit, and past lakes. As on the previous day, you'll also pass through a Natura 2000 area.

Suggestions for accommodation in Strandby

Day 4 - Strandby to Sæby (approx. 21 km)
The last hiking day on this route moves along the coast in varied terrain. From Strandby, the route follows the beach, past Palmestranden and down through Frederikshavn's coastline. Here, you can deviate a bit from the route and into Frederikshavn city to have a delicious lunch. For a greener lunch choice, you can look for the organic label. After Frederikshavn, the route continues along the coast to Sæby in a beautiful open landscape with views of fields and sea. Upon arrival in Sæby, you have the option to take public transport back to Skagen or onward to, for example, Aalborg.

Suggestions for accommodation in Sæby
Experience Sæby

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