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The hilly hike through the Silkeborg forests

The hilly hike through the Silkeborg forests is a trek for those who love to challenge themselves and get their heart rate up, passing by some of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Nordskoven near Silkeborg.

From the city and from various parking lots along the roads, you can hike up into the hills of Nordskoven near Silkeborg.

For example, start from Dronningestolen, a 65-meter-high point in the northwest corner of Nordskoven, and continue over Langdalsåsen, Birkehøj, and Ulvehoved to Lovisehøj. Along the way, you can experience thickets of spruce, pine, and beech alternating with beautiful viewpoints.

On the way back, you can walk under the railway and down to Brassø and follow the paths back towards the city.

Length: 7 km

Estimated time: 2 hours and 45 minutes to 3 hours.

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