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The History of Billund - Get an insight into the fascinating history of Billund

Billund is unique. City, citizens and the LEGO company have created the modern Billund. Here you get an insight into the city's cultural history from small heath village to high-tech city.

If you take a walk around Billund, you will come across several characteristics that reflect the city's development. You can choose to follow the Playline which is a route that goes between the tourist attractions in the east and the city center in the west. The very idea of ​​Playline is to establish an active, interesting route in the city, which is an experience in itself.

The route includes the LEGO founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen's house - "Løvehuset" - which he built in 1924.
The route goes through Billund's beautiful Sculpture Park and on the way there are also several fun and active things for both small and older children. The colorful glazed paving stones are created by local children in Billund in collaboration with Billund Culture School. This is completely in line with the city's vision of becoming the Children's Capital.

Billund's history took a leap in the 1930s. For approx. 100 years ago, only 259 inhabitants lived in the city.
However, due to the agricultural crisis, Ole Kirk Kristiansen began producing wooden toys in 1932. The toy quickly became popular and in 1934 he came up with the name LEGO, which is a combination of the words LEG and GODT, that roughly translates to 'PLAY GOOD'. The small company grew and what started with a wooden block has since grown.
Today, LEGO is a central part of Billund and the company has grown to have many thousands employees. The city now has an airport, several amusement parks, hotels and a thriving city center.

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