Holstebro Golf Café

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Brandsbjergvej 4

7500 Holstebro



Téléphone:9612 6202

Mobile:2167 6823

The Golf Café serves everything from vine to delicious lunches and homemade bread. We do the baking ourselves – kringle, cakes, sandwich bread roll and Rye Bread.  We offer a varied but simple menu. You can, among others, choose the menu of the day, the surprise of the week or “Hungry for the fun of it”. 

If you need to arrange an event, you are more then welcome to contact us and hear about the possibilities for using our restaurants’ facilities and at the same time enjoy the food and drinks from our own kitchen. If you have special needs then ask our staff and we will do our best to fulfil your wishes.  By ordering beforehand you have the possibility to order anything you want, from a la carte to the more traditional courses. 


Brandsbjergvej 4

7500 Holstebro


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