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Hook & Cook - Fish on the Counter

On Friday and Saturday, September 14-15, 2024, 'Fisken på disken' will take place again in Hanstholm.

Just like the past three years, there will once again be an eventful weekend with fresh fish, children's activities, live music, a fishing competition, and plenty of action in the fish pots.


This is the headline for our big annual fish folk festival, Fisken På Disken, in Hanstholm. Because that’s exactly what Fisken På Disken is all about. Here you can experience the entire DNA of Hanstholm, namely the fish, which we celebrate with a spectacular folk festival.

All the local associations and businesses come together to celebrate everything beautiful about the fish. For what would Hanstholm be without fish?

The raw Hanstholm halls provide the setting for the entire folk fish festival, which extends far beyond the bustling fish harbor. Here you can experience fish in every conceivable way. You can touch, smell, taste, and yes, even get a fish tattoo on your ankle if you're one of those who just can't get enough of fish. There are activities and experiences for everyone, young and old, and if you arrive on a Puch maxi wearing waders, you'll only gain street cred.

The full program will be updated continuously.

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