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Hørbylunde near Silkeborg

Hørbylunde, a wonderful old oak grove southwest of Silkeborg, opens the door to a world of natural enchantment. Its existence rests on majestic, undulating slopes, embraced by dense, low-growing oak trees that dance in harmony with the quiet murmur of books. This is a landscape where each tree trunk seems to hold centuries of wisdom.

Down on the humble soil, where the sun's rays only partially penetrate the dense foliage, a fragile yet lush ground unfolds. A lean and dark scene where blueberries and eagle ferns thrive as silent heroes. Here on earth, the story is told of nature's fragility, of its ability to flourish even in the most unassuming of places.

In the middle of this natural theatre, Store Hørbyhøj stands as a tower of past memories and historical mystery. This ancient mound, located in Hørbylunde, is like a living monument that connects us to the traces of the past. The nature in Egekrattet and the majestic mound in Hørbylunde together form a tableau of beauty and history, where each element sings its own quiet hymn. An invitation to immerse yourself in the magic of nature and let the wings of history carry you away.

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