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House of Wool

At Uldens Hus everything is about how the wool from sheep and hair from alpacas are turned into yarns that you can use for knitting, weaving, or felting. How did you spin the wool back in the day and how do we do it today?

In the olden days one had to spin their yarn by using a spindle or a spinning wheel. At Uldens Hus we have machines doing the same process. What kind of wool is suited for weaving and which for knitting? How do we wash the wool, how do we dye it, and what is felting?

How do we take care of the sheep, making sure that they have a good life, and how does the shepherd and his dog move the sheep? What role do the sheep play in caring for nature?

You can book tours where you will learn about the history of wool, and we show you how the wool is spun. There is something to experience for the entire family.

Read more and find events at www.uldenshus.dk/en

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