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Humans in the Abbey - Permanent Exhibition at the Abbey

Come behind the walls - into the most sacred - for an exceptional sensory experience from 21 April, when the high season kicks off with reopening the permanent exhibition "Man in the Monastery".

Exceptional insight into monastic life

And why do you need to know more about monastic life, you ask? You have to because life behind the thick monastery walls is fascinating - both then and now. Why did so many choose to go to monasteries in the Middle Ages? And what does that tell us about modern humans today?

All the senses are used in "The Man in the Monastery", which invites an evocative experience from another time through sound, light and physical installations. To the tunes of the time prayers, one travels back in history, to the time when the monks lived in the magnificent monastery complex. By following personal stories from the monk, the abbot and the lay brother, one is gripped by the thoughts of the lived life behind the thick monastery walls. Up close, you can experience how the day, the hours and the minutes create a space for reflection, then and now.

The project collaborates with YOKE and Dark Matters and is sponsored by the Knud Højgaard Foundation.

Experiences in the landscape

"The monastery in the Landscape" is a series of dissemination experiences in the nature around the monastery with a glimpse back to the monastery's heyday. With the opening of the new exhibition, you can experience the sanctuary both from inside and outside.

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