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Indelukket Playground

Bring your kids to the Indelukket playground in Silkeborg. In addition to going down slides and up a climbing tower, they will go on a journey across the Lake District with play areas that have been created to resemble a moor, a forest, a lake, a meadow, and a rolling landscape.

At the playground, kids of all ages can experience the Ice Age landscape and take in the magnificent view from the vantage points of Kongestolen and Kroghs Bænk, which are some of nature’s trademarks in the Lake District. Or they can climb the tall Douglas fir trees, have fun at the play-town featuring Art Centre Silkeborg Bad and Papirfabrikken – and of course seesaw on the historical paddle steamer, Hjejlen.

For Teens and Kids of All Ages

The Indelukket playground has a climbing area for older kids with a particular focus on challenging their motor function. The landmark of the playground is an 11 metres climbing unit with climbing cones and two long slides that found their inspiration in the tallest Douglas fir trees, which can be found in the Silkeborg forests, too.

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