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Jollmands Gaard Museum

The last hook farm on the island of Als is as beautiful today as it was when it was built

Jollmands Gård (farm), this half- timbered farm, is a so-called "hook" farm. It was built in the 17th Century and is the oldest farm in Holm. 

The very dilapidated yet extremely unique farm became a listed building in 2001 and extensive restoration was commenced.

To day, the farm is a local museum devoted to the agricultural heritage of Als. Guided tours of the farm give visitors an insight into the history of rural life and the farm itself while allowing th extensive preservation and restoration work to be followed at close hand.

In addition to the regular opening hours, we also organise events, which are announced on Facebook.

If you are passing by outside opening hours
please contact +45 61 67 15 63 or +45 21 48 66 55 to see if we can open.

Visits by groups
Accepted all year round by appointment.
Contact Knud Flemming Andersen: +45 22 80 48 99 or knud.flemming.a@gmail.com

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