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Juelsminde Church

The church in the holiday town of Juelsminde is the youngest in the Hedensted Municipality and among the newest churches in the region. It was donated to the town and constructed by a local landowner, and it houses a model of a famous warship that has historical connections to Juelsminde.

A latecomer among churches

Most of Denmark's beautiful churches date back to the period between 1100 and 1250 when Viking-era wooden churches were replaced by new Christian stone churches. These were erected in nearly every village and settlement across Denmark. However, one such church was not built in Juelsminde. Why? Juelsminde was established many hundred years later.

Originally, Juelsminde was a small fishing village. It wasn't until the railway from Horsens was extended here in 1884 that a rapid development of the harbor and the surrounding village began. Consequently, the town's residents had to travel several kilometers to the neighboring village of Klakring to attend church services. Over time, however, the townspeople felt that Juelsminde had grown sufficiently to warrant its own church. They initiated a fundraising campaign, but the collected amount was insufficient for the construction of a new church. The savior came in the form of the landowner from Palsgaard, Einar Viggo Schou, who generously donated the church to the town. Palsgaard played a significant role in the town's development and was named after Schou's predecessor, Niels Juel Reedtz.

The church was built in 1911-12 and consecrated in 1913.


About the church

As Einar Schou funded the church, he also left a distinct mark on its construction. He chose Palsgaard's architect, Johannes Magdahl Nielsen, to oversee the project. The church is designed as a cruciform Gothic-style building with characteristic pointed gables. It is whitewashed with a red roof.

The interior of the church is bright and pleasant. Einar Schou's uncle, the artist P.A. Schou, painted the beautiful altarpiece, while the church's architect designed the pulpit.

Although not rich in history and church treasures, the church does showcase beautiful art and craftsmanship typical of the early 20th century in the style known as "skønvirke" (aesthetic work).

In the vestibule, there is a memorial plaque for Einar Schou and his wife, illustrating the locals' gratitude. Outside, in the churchyard, they are buried in the most lavish spot.


The Frigate Jylland in Juelsminde Church

The renowned warship Frigate Jylland was slated for scrapping in 1912 after its service, but the landowner from Palsgaard, Einar Schou, chose to purchase the ship to save its fate. He restored the ship and anchored it at Juelsminde for several years, turning it into an attraction for the town. Therefore, it's only natural that the model ship in Juelsminde Church is an exact replica of the Frigate Jylland. The model of the Frigate Jylland was installed in the church in 1914, on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Heligoland. At the harbor in Juelsminde, you can see the anchor of the Frigate Jylland.


Would you like to visit the church?

Juelsminde Church is open when staff is present. The church may be open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM. However, there are no guarantees that the church will be open when you arrive. Staff are present at the church most of the time during this period. You are welcome to peek inside the church if it's open.


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