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Karin Falter's small caravans

Enjoy your holiday in a scenic and charming setting in Karin's garden in Risemark.

Near the sea, in Risemark, you can enjoy your holiday in one of Karin's two charming and cosy caravans.

The two caravans are 15 square metres and 6 square metres respectively and are located in Karin's green and lush garden. Both caravans are simply furnished and the atmosphere invites you to rest, relax and contemplate.

In both caravans you'll find a double bed, so there's room for two overnight guests in each caravan.

In addition, you'll find a small, cosy kitchen with a fridge, stove and all necessary kitchenware, as well as a comfortable dining area. There's also a nice bathroom with shower, hand sanitiser and a toilet.

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