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Kids Grand Prix - Action House

As a fun holiday activity for the kids, Action House offers Gokart Formula 1 racing!

If you are a group of children who want to learn how to drive a go-kart better and achieve faster lap times, then you can book places for our popular children's formula race, which takes place every Wednesday during the holidays.

On our events page you can find times for the next race. Here you will receive thorough instructions on how to drive a go-kart better and get tips for achieving better lap times.

The race begins with a 15-minute warm-up and timing. In the first round you drive slowly to warm up the tires so you can get a better grip on the track. In the first 15 minutes, there will be a prize for the child with the fastest lap time. The child with the fastest lap time will be awarded Pole Position and will start at the front when the final 10-minute final race in Children's Formula 1 begins.

All the children who participate in Children's Formula 1 will receive a diploma as proof of their participation. The price is NOK 279 per child (excluding a helmet cap for DKK 20). Registration can be done via email: info@actionhouse.dk, phone: +45 70 40 43 10 or online booking form on the website.

Please note that the event is ONLY for children and that you can register even if you only have 1 or 2 children. Keep an eye on our events page for dates for this race.

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