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Kirsten Thune - Visual Artist

Artist Kirsten Thune paints works both on canvas and items such as cups, plates and pots

Great sense of colour

“Creativity has always been a part of my like. I started out painting with oils, but later found acrylics better suited my temperament. The inspiration to paint comes from everything around me - from my mood or simply from playing with colour and images on paper, canvas, or bamboo plates.

I don’t feel I paint in any specific style, but perhaps my own style will develop one day. At present I am curious and I want to try work in different styles. I am happy with the calm I express in my bird pictures, but I also like to hang canvases with bold colours on my walls. My bowls can be a little more dramatic with their strong vibrant colours, but they fit very well into modern homes.” - Kirsten Thune


Kristen Thune is originally from the district around Fredericia, but also lived in Bruxelles for 11 years, where she studied at the Académie Beaux Arts amongst other things. She has now settled in Tullebølle in the heart of Langeland.

Thune has exhibited in Bruxelles, in Langeland’s Library, Svendborg Gymnasium, Bankdata in Fredericia, Sydbank in Åbenrå and the Art Association Carl Nielsen in Nr. Lyndelse.

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