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Kjul Strand (beach)

A short drive from Hirtshals you will find Kjul Strand where there is also a lovely holiday home area. The beach is one of the area's best beaches for families with children.

The beach in Kjul is located 6 km outside of Hirtshals city, in an area surrounded by Lilleheden dune plantation and Uggerby dune plantation. The beach is located in a lovely area whit a lot of possibilities for enjoying the beach, the dunes and the plantations. In Kjul you will also find a holiday home area, visited by a lot of happy guests all year round.

In the summer period you will see that Kjul Strand is an amazing beach for swimming, and its location makes it an ideal beach for windsurfing and other water sports.

When moving down the beach in Kjul you will se a broad white beach with beautiful sand. On the other side you can see the Port of Hirtshals where you can witness the activity of the many ferries making their arrival and departures, as well as seeing the many fishing boats returning from fishing out on the open ocean.

At Kjul strand you will find numerous facilities which makes the beach a well visited beach where you can enjoy a day with family and friends. The facilities includes toilets, ice-cream shop, clean drinking water, parking space, lifeguard equipment, first aid kits and litter bins.

You are allowed to drive on the beach, which makes it for an easy day trip to the beach. 

In the municipality of Hjørring it was decided in 2015 to have a special swimming flag visible at the beach, which helps guest to stay aware of the weather and water conditions.  

Read more about the facilities of the beach here.  

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