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Klokkefrøstien - Bell Frog Path

The Bell Frog Path is a hiking trail along and near the coast between Lundeborg in the south and Åhuse in the north.

The Bell Frog Path is marked with small signs and follows small asphalt roads, forest paths, footpaths along living hedges, or the shoreline. Along the way, you'll experience magnificent landscapes with forests, fields, meadows, and beautiful views of the Great Belt. The route passes close to ponds with bell frogs, and on quiet and warm days in May, June, and July, you can hear their peculiar croaking. It sounds like church bells in the distance. These are male bell frogs trying to lure females to the pond to ensure new generations of the little frog with the big voice.

Several information boards are set up along the path, providing information about the bell frog.

The Bell Frog Path is connected to the archipelago trail at Lundeborg.

Part of the path is established through voluntary agreements with private landowners, so please be considerate and follow the rules for using the path.

Good advice:

  • The entire path is open for use from six in the morning until sunset.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Traffic is on private property. Be considerate of the owners, be polite, and do not litter.
  • Tent camping should take place at campgrounds or other designated areas with the owner's permission.
  • In case of hunting, the path may be closed, but you will be informed on-site about an alternative route.

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