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Klosterlund Museum

Beautiful surroundings, large machines and archeological finds - Klosterlund Museum has it all. Experience the museum's archaeological highlights. Or learn how man over the years has used both hand power and machinery to exploit the peat of the bogs.

From the Stone Age to the peat industry.

At Klosterlund Museum you can see exhibitions with peat work machines and original archaeological finds dating back to the Stone Age. Here the story is told about how people have lived in the area for thousands of years, how they lived - and especially about how they have over the years utilized the peat of the bogs.

You can also experience the atmospheric exhibition ‘Face to Face’, which shows the museum's most invaluable archaeological treasures from several different time periods. Among other things, the Hammerum girl is a find that contains one of the best-preserved pieces of textiles from Denmark's past: an almost 2,000-year-old dress. In the exhibition, the many finds are spiced with personal stories about the ancient Central Jutlanders, while contemporary Central Jutlanders put their faces to the stories.

For families with children, there is the opportunity for free play on the large nature playground with a view of Bølling Lake. You can also greet old agricultural breeds of horses, rabbits, geese, pigeons and chickens. In the summer, volunteers show how the hard work went when men dug peat with hand and machine power. When you have finished the exhibitions, you can go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, enjoy your food under the treetops - or end the day with a visit to the small museum shop.

Museum Midtjylland

Klosterlund Museum is part of Museum Midtjylland, which consists of four cultural history museums that each tell a part of the history of Central Jutland. Both the history dates back thousands of years and the history is still alive in memories, people, and craftsmanship. Stop by to discover the history and stories, and experience Central Jutland, as it was before, now, and tomorrow. 

You can read more about the different activities, exhibitions, and the many different events and experiences at museummidtjylland.dk

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