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Københavns Bageri

One of Copenhagen's best bakeries can be found in Carlsbergbyen. In this small bakery you can taste traditional Danish baked goods, but in a quality that is anything but traditional.

While the name "Københavns Bageri" (directly translated to Copenhagen's bakery) doesn't make much of a fuss, it's far from the reality for the small bakery in Carlsbergbyen. The brains behind Københavns Bageri are Anders Lorenz and Rasmus Sjødahl, both with a background from Noma, who are also behind the hip bakeries Alice in Amager and Benji in Nørrebro.

Like many of Copenhagen's bakeries, sourdough dominates the majority of their baked goods. On the shelves adorn large, beautiful sourdough breads in many varieties, and of course the popular BMO (bun with cheese) can also be found on the counter. On the menu you can find traditional danish baked goods such as croissants, cinnamon buns and well-known danish pastry cakes, but all with a twist and with a strong focus on the use of quality ingredients. The bakery is probably best known for their "Kringle", which differs from the traditional danish pastry kringle by being made on a croissant dough, with a filling made from vanilla, French prunes, brandy, cardamom and nuts.

Everything is freshly baked every day, several times a day. The bakery's large open kitchen is only separated from the counter by a glass wall, so you can watch the transformation from pale dough to golden, crispy surface and see the bakers' impressive braiding technique for the above-mentioned famous kringle.

The bakery is located in the southern part of the shopping street Flaskehalsen. The bakery is small, but there are still a few places to enjoy the exquisite baked goods or in the sun at their outdoor serving area. That is if you don't take it with you - possibly in the green Carlsberg Garden, which is just around the corner.

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