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Kongelunden - Naturzentrum und Oase im Süden von Aarhus

Kongelunden in Aarhus is one of Denmark's largest metropolitan recreational areas. Here you can visit the attractions Tivoli Friheden and The Infinite Bridge, experience historic buildings and enjoy beautiful nature and park areas. And this is where a brand new stadium will be built.

Kongelunden - a nature and cultural playground in Aarhus

The area around Aarhus Stadium and Mindeparken is for many people a unique place in Aarhus - a link between football, parties and rides and coastal forest and parkland with the opportunity for a quiet moment.

This entire area is called Kongelunden and is Denmark's largest metropolitan recreational area - a natural paradise that better connects the area's many opportunities - and also gives Aarhus a brand new football stadium.

Kongelunden is for everyone

Kongelunden is for young and old, visitors and locals alike.

Let the kids play in the playground and green areas while you take a walk in the beautiful nature. Buy a ticket in advance so you can watch the city's sports teams perform.

You can also enjoy the beautiful buildings and lovely green areas where there is room for animals, people and plants.

Kongelunden is a 200-hectare recreational area in the southern part of Aarhus, stretching from where the Frederiksbjerg neighbourhood lets go and the Marselisborg Forests take over.

Kongelunden - the green heart of Aarhus.

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