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Kulturhuset Skanderborg

The Culture Centre Kulturhuset Skanderborg is a modern cultural center beautifully located by Skanderborg Lake and park, while also being close to the city's main thoroughfare.

Kulturhuset Skanderborg offers the perfect canvas for a myriad of activities, creating a symphony of possibilities. From concerts, theater performances, and enlightening lectures to dynamic meetings, inspiring conferences, captivating art exhibitions, and beyond. Inside these walls, you'll also find a cozy cinema and a delightful café.

The Theater Hall and the Café:

At the heart of Kulturhuset, you'll discover a grand theater and concert hall with 475 seats, a more intimate lecture hall, meeting spaces that spark creativity, exhibition areas that showcase art's beauty, and a cinema that brings stories to life. To top it all off, there's Kafé K, a haven for delectable bites and wonderful company, all under the same roof as the Skanderborg Library.

Kulturhuset Skanderborg thrives through the passion of the Skanderborg Kulturhus Association. The daily magic is orchestrated by around 200 dedicated volunteers and a trio of skilled professionals.

Nestled within the embrace of Byparken by Skanderborg Lake, Kulturhuset Skanderborg is not just a place; it's an experience waiting to be explored.

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