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Kunstruten Rudkøbing: In the sign of sculptures

5 km: The art route through the streets of Rudkøbing takes you on a tour of sculptures and the town's lively art scene.

On the route you will find:

+ 10 artists and craftsmen

+ 15 works in public spaces

Works on the route

The works on the Art Route in Rudkøbing are created by both local and foreign artists. Some of the works have been donated to the island as gifts, some have been acquired by Langeland Municipality, while others have been created for a specific place for a specific occasion. There is great diversity in expression, use of materials and scale. What the works have in common is that they can all be found in public spaces.

Artists in Rudkøbing

It's no joke that we call Langeland the 'Island of Artists'. Since the 1960s, the island has been a gathering place for artists and craftsmen from near and far. Along the Art Route, you can listen to podcasts that will help you learn more about the works and the artists behind them.

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