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Landevejskroen in Lindelse - Old-fashioned Danish food

Roadside inn, with its origins dating back to 1789 and its fame as ‘the inn with 1000 paintings’

Classic dishes and the speciality Murerens Balje

With its origins dating back to 1789 and its fame as ‘the inn with 1000 paintings’, the Roadside Inn strives to revive the authentic inn atmosphere with traditional ambience, classic dishes and the iconic ‘Murerens Balje’ - a 600 gram tartlet. It is hoped that visitors will stop by and experience this unique atmosphere.

The new tenants of the inn intend to revitalise the town of Lindelse with lots of inn atmosphere and activities. They look forward to welcoming guests and sharing their passion for history, food and cosiness at Landevejskroen.

A historic inn experience

From 1947 to 1971, Innkeeper Julius Bredo was the host and owner of the inn. As a passionate art lover, Bredo collected around 150 paintings that adorned the Bredo couple's home. In addition to this, Bredo expanded the inn with a motel, an innovation at the time in the area. Later, the motel was converted into a bowling alley and later into hotel apartments. The inn has since changed owners several times.

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