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Lighthouse - an iconic building at Aarhus Ø

Lighthouse, Denmark's tallest building, stands as Aarhus' new iconic masterpiece, rising majestically on Aarhus Ø and welcoming the city from the water. This architectural masterpiece is created in harmony with the waves of the sea, the surrounding nature and the breathtaking views of the bay.

When you arrive at Aarhus Ø, the beautiful architectural gem, Lighthouse, rises like a majestic lighthouse from the ground. Be mesmerised by this impressive sight and experience a unique union of modern design and the beauty of nature. The building acts as a work of art, drawing inspiration from the dynamics and reflections of water. Each element of the Lighthouse reflects a carefully considered vision, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of elegance and aesthetics.

Focus on nature and the environment

Significant consideration for nature and the environment is integrated into the Lighthouse project, with several tonnes of mussels being released into the canals between the buildings. Surplus concrete from the construction has been recycled to create "donuts", strategically placed in Aarhus Bay to promote a sustainable environment for fish and marine life. A significant amount of eelgrass plants have also been planted and thousands of tonnes of stone have been used to construct a rock reef directly off the Lighthouse.

The architects behind

Lighthouse, Denmark's tallest building, is designed by the renowned Danish architectural firm 3XN. Their visionary approach has resulted in a unique building in Aarhus, and in October 2023, Lighthouse was recognised as the world's best tall building in the 100-199 metre height range at an international conference in Singapore, organised by the Council On Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).

Facts about Lighthouse

Lighthouse houses young and old, children and adults living side by side by the water. Almost half of the building is made of glass (46%) and contains an impressive 2,512 doors. The structure stands on around 1,700 piles, including 28 concrete piles 70 metres deep and a massive 2 metre thick concrete slab.

Aarhus Øje - experience a very special attraction

If you want to explore the architecture and learn more about the entire creation of the tower block, visit Aarhus Øje, Aarhus Eye: A unique experience destination located in the Lighthouse and open to the public.

Find out more about Aarhus Øje here.

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