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Line Solsikke

Line Solsikke is known and loved by many children in Ringsted Municipality.

The living mascot Line Solsikke was born in the summer of 2021 during corona, when the Ringsted Children's Festival was made in a to-go version out at all Ringsted municipality's schools and daycare centers. It was a huge success through learning videos and singing.

In the learning courses for the Children's Festival 2022, the World Goals have had a special focus, and through active learning from Line Solsikke, nurseries and kindergartens have visited and learned about biodiversity.

This has resulted in a clear awareness of biodiversity and waste sorting for children and their parents in Ringsted municipality, which is practiced at the Ringsted Children's Festival, and Line Solsikke is recognized by the children and learning material can be reused.

In record time, Line Solsikke has become so popular in Ringsted that the song 'Fest og Farver' has 5500 views on YouTube in 5 weeks. At the Children's Festival itself, Line Solsikke was so popular that there was demand for the opportunity to make more songs and videos.

Line Solsikke participates in events all year round and can be followed via her Facebook page here.

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