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LomiLomi Massage ritual before the wedding

Pamper yourself before your wedding with a gentle, caring and relaxing LomiLomi massage treatment.

LomiLomi is an ancient Hawaiian massage ritual given to those facing a special occasion.

The massage ritual releases stress, tension and fatigue and fills you with new energy, vigour and well-being, making it an ideal gift to give the bride before the wedding.

While your entire body is enveloped in warm oil, you are massaged with long soothing strokes of the forearms, gentle movements and stretches. These movements mimic the ocean, washing away all blockages, tensions, fears and worries. Energy returns, stress and tension disappear and you'll feel relaxed, recharged and balanced before your wedding.

If you treat yourself to a lomi lomi treatment, don't schedule important appointments in the hours immediately after the massage, but instead enjoy the state of calm softness, relaxation and flow for the rest of the day. Precious plant oils are used for the massage, which you should leave on for a few hours after the treatment.

The massage takes place in Anne Metka's bright and inviting clinic room at Bakkegaard.

You can book your massage by contacting Anne Metka.

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