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Lynghøj Lakes

The Lynghøj Lakes consists of three bathing lakes with swimming lanes. The nature area around the lakes also offers many other activities.


At the Lynghøjlakes which is the old Svogerslev gravel pit, there are plenty of opportunities to go for a swim in one of the three lakes with beautiful blue seawater!

Shelters, fishing og Mountainbike!

The Lynghøjlakes is a nature-paradise and invites you to a lot of other activities. There are plenty of opportunities to take the bike, go hiking or sleep in the shelters go fishing if you have a fishing license. You can get yours here 

Dogs at Lynghøjsøerne

At Lynghøjsøerne you can enjoy a walk with your dog. A certain area is set aside by the lakes, which is a dog forest. Here the dogs can run around freely, without a leash. There is a dog training course in the same area. For obviously reasons, it is a requirement that the dog be followed by a companion who has complete control over the dog. In the rest of the lakes the dog must be kept on a leash.


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