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Lyspunkt is a small light foundry where you can buy hand-dipped and handpicked candles. Should you want to unleash your creative side, you can also make your own mosaic candles.

Lyspunkt is a small, reputable light foundry located in Balle on Djursland. All candles are hand-dipped and hand-cast. Buy the lights ready in our shop, or make your own lights at our workshop.

Lyspunkt has been around for approx. 30 years and the clientele ranges widely from children to adults, from Danish and to foreign customers who come from afar to visit the store.

Lyspunkt has its own light foundry with an open workshop and associated farm shop with a large selection of lights, handicrafts, and lanterns.

Make your own candles

Buy the lights ready - or let the creativity go and make your own lights.

Bring the food basket

You can also bring your food basket and enjoy yourself in their conservatory / patio while you wait for your candles to finish.

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